Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I guess I'm no different from any other mom with little ones. My mind doesn't always stay focused on the task at hand because I've always got a million things to think about. For instance, tonight while loading the dishwasher I mistakingly put liquid dishwashing detergent in there instead of the solution made just for the dishwasher. I just put a little bit in before I realized my mistake. I didn't think a little bit would really matter so I didn't wipe it out like I should have. Well, not long after the machine started I noticed bubbles coming out of the bottom of the door. My mind raced to a 50's sitcom I once saw. I could just imagine what Bryan would say when he came home and had to swim through bubbles to get through the front door! Thankfully there weren't that many suds and I was able to get it all cleaned up (with a little help from Luke!). So many times I walk through my days distracted by the here and now, the urgent, the loudness and the commotion of a busy household that I neglect to make phone calls to family, check my calendar so I don't miss appointments (again), take time to enjoy my family, take time to enjoy life in general. I know I'm not alone. Many of us get distracted, sidetracked, from what's really important and we neglect what should be on the top of our priority list... time alone with God and quality time with our loved ones. And somewhere down the road we look back and ask, "Where did the time go?" We haven't feed our spirit, we've lost touch with family, we've even lost touch with ourselves. In the end, a life that is not focused is a life ill-spent and non-productive. I want to make my life count. "Lord, help me to keep my eyes and my mind focused on You so I can fulfill the plan You have for me."

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