Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Be Intentional

For some time now I have been getting the nudge from my heavenly Father that I need to be intentional in all I do. If I don't actively take control of my mind and focus my energy on those things that are the most important in my life and that result in the most productivity, I wind up wasting my days away. My time with my children is too precious to do that! But this sinful flesh loves to be comfortable... loves to serve "me". I have to constantly remind myself that it's not about me being happy, it's about fulfilling God's purpose for my life - serving my family, taking care of my home, teaching my children. Sure I would love to spend more time doing the things that please me and that I find entertaining. There are days that I don't get everything accomplished that I should because I have let myself get distracted and spent my time on other things. But God is faithful to remind me when I get off course and help me find my way again. How about you? Are you letting the emotions of the moment, those things that feel good to you, or even other people dictate how you spend your time? Time is our most valuable resource. We never have more or less than 24 hours. How we focus our energy will predict our future. So... be intentional!

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